Collective Oratory Voices for Excellence

“The inability to communicate effectively can define your entire existence.”  Jessica Holter, Author/Activist

About C.O.V.E

It is said that Public Speaking is the #1 fear of humankind. But, even more frightening is POOR COMMUNICATION!  The inability to communicate effectively can define your entire existence.  As small children, when we are unable to communicate, we throw tantrums and cry. As adults, when we are unable to communicate effectively, we make mistakes that can be devastating and irreversible. Through our intensive program we will hammer home the skills youth need to speak effectively in both public and private life. At C.O.V.E., we believe oratory is among the most essential skills necessary for achieving quality and fruitful human relations and for reaching educational and career goals. The power of speech can move men to war and to peace; to love or to hate. The words we say and how we speak them to family and friends, coworkers and enemies can define our futures.

Seldom in our history have Americans caught the awesome glimpse of how truly powerful the art of oratory can be. But, in 2008, a little known senator with the gift of gab, changed American history with a series of public speeches built on three simple words: “Yes, we can.” Today we call this African American man “President.” With the appointment of Barack Obama into the presidential office, there is no doubt that our youth can achieve, but for far too many of them, there are few resources. The walls of inertia are tumbling down all around us, revealing new trails that lead to success. But which path do our youth take?

Question: What inspires one man to become president, and the other to become “Joe the Plumber?”

Answer: Self-Confidence.

Self-confidence is the core focus of C.O.V.E. I.N.S.E.L.F. offering youth a rare opportunity to learn, to travel and to be rewarded for their efforts, their talents and their courage, while the community witnesses their greatness in the making.


C.O.V.E is a six-week Summer Youth Oratory Workshop that trains young adults between the ages of 13 and 17 in Public Speaking. It fosters leadership and self-confidence through improved literacy, speech development, public exhibition and travel.

C.O.V.E. offers intensive workshops on literary arts and speech that concludes with an oratorical exhibition of their original and interpretive speeches before a live audience in Washington, D.C. 

C.O.V.E. is centered on our simple slogan: “Trust IN SELF, and the World will Trust in You.” While the primary subject is Speech Development, which, by itself, fosters self-confidence through practice, achievement and immediate reward, we have created our program to reach beyond basic speaking skills, to better prepare youth for their long-term futures. Moreover, C.O.V.E extends the opportunity to travel to our nation's capital, stay in a college dormitory for three days and to perform on stage before a live audience.  The youth will receive a DVD of their performance, a trophy and a participation stipend.

•Instruct and illustrate with examples of powerful thinkers and world renown speakers
•Nurture self-confidence through practice and positive reinforcement
•Support personal growth and goal achievement
•Encourage performance excellence through public exhibition of learned skills
•Lead by example to exemplify a sense of responsibility
•Foster a spirit of teamwork to harness the power of a united group

Project C.O.V.E
Collective Oratory Voices for Excellence
Help us train Foster Children from Atlanta, GA in the fine skill of Public Speaking and send them on a life-changing journey to Washington, DC to exhibit their skills before a live audience. They will stay in a college dormitory and get a glimpse of what life could be like for them, when they trust in self.

"Trust in self and the world will trust in you." 
A  youth oratory program for Foster Children, featuring I.N.S.E.L.F. our exclusive 6-point plan for the improvement of self esteem and efficacy through development and demonstration of learned skills.