Hi Friends!


If you are a friend, you know where I have been and what amazing things I have been working on for our nonprofit organization, Holter Intellectual Property Incorporated.

What's New?

The Hampton Soul Festival Workshop, June-Aug 2

The Hampton Soul Fest, Aug 3

Internships at Electric Church, Ongoing


To check it all out, please visit the new official website HERE.


If you are just tapping in to see if I am doing my annual Valentine's Season Tour, the dates will be posted in the private community at coffytalk.com


Make a movie with HIP and The Oakland Film Company


Brown Fairy Collection


Fundraising art by Jessica Holter benefits Voices of Foster Care. Many different products may be customized to meet your needs and wholesale prices are available for special interest groups. Visit our Coffy Pop Shop at CoffyPop.com to place orders. Email our nonprofit at info@hipinc.org for customization and wholesale orders.


Saturday Mournings


Saturday Mournings is a poem about waiting for my mother to visit me at my foster home. 


The Harlem Bombshell ~ Most Popular Punany Poet on Coffy TV


Shelly Martin, AKA The Harlem Bombshell, gives a powerful performance about the Venus Hottentot in this New York Performance

Adult Night School


I had a lot of fun writing this script for 7 Stages Theater's playwriting program. If you are interested in producing the play, let me know. 


RIP ~ Remembering Eebony


I made this video to share with true fans of the S.E.T. program, commonly known as The Punany Project.